A history of the music festival woodstock

Later, several members of the group would say that they regretted the decision.

A history of the music festival woodstock

Food and water was scarce, and rain poured hard, but the community feeling overpowered logistical problems and those who attended witnessed something never to be repeated.

A history of the music festival woodstock

The feelings of love and peace felt in that special weekend in were difficult for them to describe, but photos of the event allow us to experience just a little bit of that magical time and place in history.

Woodstock was originally planned for aboutpeople but over half a million showed up. Kicking it off The festivities began on August 15th with a performance by Richie Havens followed by Sweetwater at 6: Sweetwater got stuck in traffic on the way.

A history of the music festival woodstock

Perhaps it was the words of spiritual master Sri Swami Satchidananda who spoke right after Sweetwater that instilled the spirit that prevailed over the course of the next three days. And, one thing I would very much wish you all to remember is that with sound, we can make — and at the same time, break… And with all my heart, I wish a great, great success in this music festival to pave the way for many more festivals in many other parts of this country.

Sometime before 8 a. Bobbi Kelly and her then-boyfriend Nick Ercoline shared this moment and many more, as some years later they married and had two kids together.

Music Woodstock was a music festival for the ages, featuring legendary bands such as Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Who, and legendary artists such as Santana and Jimi Hendrix. Makeshift signs like this may have helped a couple of lost souls find their way, but did nothing to relieve the mechanical mess on the roads.

These happy festival goers ignored the hint that the concert was over after the music stopped, and are rocking to a drum circle of their own.

This photo was probably taken very late at night, as the bands played into the wee hours of the morning.

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Accessories Notice how no one seems to have their own personal space in these photos? Woodstock was absolutely packed, and typically when that many people are put together, something bad happens. But Woodstock was special for many reasons, and one of those reasons is that despite the conditions, not one incident of violence occurred.

He sure looks inspired, as the spirit of the festival may have given him the fuel he needed to give his best. In full tie-dye regale she rocked Woodstock festival goers on Saturday night, and then stayed to party for the rest of the event.

Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Airplane may have performed first thing Sunday morning, but they were choppered in much earlier in the festival. The band and its entourage were a tight knit group, and embodied the communal feel and free love that Woodstock boasted.

While they waited their turn to perform, they did as musicians do during a festival; listen to music! When Slick was asked what she remembered about Woodstock, she recalled the helicopter ride, and the fact that until they performed, Jefferson Airplane hung out among the crowd all day long.

Sheer joy This photo captures the uninhibited ecstasy felt by the massive crowds at Woodstock. Smiling faces and raised fists of triumph accompany clapping hands and even a lone maraca.

Woodstock was the culmination of counterculture that picked up in the middle s, and was best summed up by the words of writer Hunter S. There was no point in fighting — on our side or theirs. Rain dance These Woodstock faithfuls are taking a break from the music and participating in a spiritual or otherwise rain dance.

Because the concert took place in the summer month of August it was extremely hot, and because so many people came to the festival, water was scarce. Mud was as rampant as love, and just like love no one seemed to mind the mud. For those who did mind, they can blame these people.

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Hippies in the crowd had no problem kicking off their shoes and stomping in the puddles like excited children. Like the saying goes, when life gives you mud, stomp in puddles fyi, there is no such saying.

They seem a little less concerned about his choice to wear his jacket on the outside, as the couple to the right is barefoot just like him. Just look at the woman in the rear walking away barefoot and wrapped in a blanket.

But like most festivals, the music could also be enjoyed on the fringe away from the energetic, gyrating masses.

She looks right at home too, probably dancing in ways at her young age that this writer will never be able to replicate. But again, Woodstock was not the norm when it comes to massive amounts of people collecting in one place, and it was safe enough for kids to be children.

One was born in a car outside the venue that was stuck in a traffic jam no surprise therewhile another was born in a nearby hospital after the mother was helicoptered out.

We bet they bring that up a lot. Sharing is caring This photo is more reminiscent of the communal living that was popular in the s and s than a music festival.

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But just like everything else at Woodstock, there were extreme shortages of food. In the spirit of sharing, festival goers banded together with what they had and set up stands amid the masses to feed their hungry bellies. Medical supplies, food, and water had to be acquired and given out to prevent any massive unrest.

Besides, try dancing for three days without any food or water we are being sarcastic; do not actually try that.Woodstock was a prime example of a commercialized attempt to harness the collective energy of the original Woodstock, only to be blighted by the lack of traditional festival .

May 31,  · The Woodstock festival opens in Bethel, New York On this day in , the Woodstock Music Festival opens on a patch of farmland in White Lake, a .

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This August marks the 48th anniversary of the famed Woodstock Music and Art Festival, which took place on Max Yasgur's acre farm in Bethel, New York. Every notable musician of the time, from. Woodstock Music & Art Fair was organized by Michael Lang, John P.

May 31,  · On this day in , the grooviest event in music history–the Woodstock Music Festival–draws to a close after three days of peace, love and rock ‘n’ roll in upstate New York. The original plan was for an outdoor rock festival, "three days of peace and music" in the Catskill village of Woodstock. What the young promoters got was the third largest city in New York state. Real Woodstock is Built on a Community of Creative and Entrepreneurial Leaders. Located on the historic Woodstock Square, Silver Prairie Natural Soap Company creates home-made blends of oils and goat milk soap designed to .

Roberts, Joel Rosenman, Artie Kornfeld, and held in the field of farmer Max Yasgur. “Arlo’s intro to ‘Coming into Los Angeles’ with his hilarious if not understandably muddled Woodstock memories was worth the price of admission. The Woodstock Museum preserving all aspects of Woodstock history.

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