Blend wing body

Boeing MAY be preparing a passenger jet that could reshape the Air travel industry for the next years. The mammoth plane will have a wing span of feet compared to the 's feet, and is designed to fit within the newly created terminals used for the seat Airbus A, which is feet wide.

Blend wing body

View gallery - 2 images A new Russian concept aircraft is designed to fly high by staying down low. Zhukovsky TsAGI is developing a new heavy transport aircraft for intercontinental routes that carries up to tonnes tons of cargo in a blended wing that combines the wing and the fuselage of the aircraft, yet only reaches an altitude of between three and 12 m 10 and 40 ft over water and land.

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A GEV is a form of aircraft that uses short, wide wings to trap a layer of air between the undersurface of the aircraft and the ground, producing vortices and downdraughts that generate more lift and less drag at very low altitudes, which allows the craft to carry heavy loads with less fuel.

Here, the effect is produced by wings that blend into the body of the aircraft to not only create more lift, but also provide more interior space for cargo.

Blend wing body

If it ever reaches the production stage, the TsAGI transport will be capable of taking off and landing on conventional runways and will carry standardized containers that would be loaded inside the wings through flap doors on the leading edge of the body and wing.

According to the designers, the center section will hold the cockpit and a tank of cryogenic liquefied natural gas.

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This unconventional fuel was selected because it's lighter and burns cleaner, yet with much higher efficiency and safety than standard aviation fuel. Currently, the concept project is undergoing subsonic wind tunnel tests on a model to simulate take-offs, landings, and cruising.

Blend wing body

In these tests, a metal screen was placed underneath the model to generate the ground effect. The designers say the model showed stability in flight with and without the screen.Multidisciplinary Methods for Performing Trade Studies on Blended Wing Body Aircraft by Cory Asher Kays Submitted to the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The act of blending: the writer's unique blend of fantasy and physics. b.

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Something, such as an effect or a product, that is created by blending: "His face shows, as he stares at the fire, a blend of fastidiousness and intransigence" (John Fowles). The Boeing X is an American experimental unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) built to investigate the characteristics of blended wing body (BWB) aircraft, a type of flying wing.

Boeing designed the X and two examples were built by Cranfield Aerospace in the UK. Abstract The Blended Wing Body (BWB) aircraft offers a number of aerodynamic perfor-mance advantages when compared with conventional configurations.

Blending is the art of mixing more than tea or herbs to create a blend. Custom blending & flavoring teas This is due to the degradation of the polycarbonate during blending in the twin screw extruder. The structure design of bended wing body aircraft for commercial airline transport By Yue Sung (Lance) Fung 10/17/ Introduction Today many new design aircraft concept use blended wing body theory, one of the biggest challenge of this aircraft is to design a strong and pressurized structure for safe commercial Airline transport.

Blended Wing Body (BWB) Design