Ch14 sample questions

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Ch14 sample questions

Practice sheet over the irregular preterit verbs. Also, remember the test has been moved to next Tuesday since we will benefit from additional time practicing using the preterit and the imperfect tenses to talk about the past.

Continue to practice using the sites above and conjuguemos. Cheat sheet given to students to help them with the various tenses we are using this semester, including the preterit and the imperfect.

Preterit verbs that change meaning — chart given out and reviewed. Use the meaning change verbs in the preterit in sentence activity. Finish the writing activity started in class — do both activities.

Use your online textbook site, your quizlet activities in my blog, your notes, and any handouts you have to help you prepare. Revise and edit your sentences using vocabulary from chapter 3. Student led review of the preterit tense — took notes and shared what we remembered about this tense.

Join my Spanish 4 honors class on VHL Central and complete the assigned activities BUT first review the irregular preterit verbs that you learned last year. You can find these in the vText at VHL Central under chapter 3 or you can find a list of these along on most Spanish grammar review sites such as Spanishnotebook.

Also, Tema 1 exam this Friday over chapters 1 and 3! La semana del 29 de enero al 2 de febrero viernes: Ficha earned by talking in groups about what you had written about.

En el laboratorio de computadoras hoy: Also in the imperfect or preterit Assigned: We will be returning to the preterit tense next week, including the irregulars, and then on to the imperfect and the uses of both. Use this weekend to review these tenses, forms and uses to discuss the past.

Ch14 sample questions

You have your textbook site to use have you joined my class at SHL Central yet? Plus so many more that we have already used! Take advantage of the time I am giving you free of assigned homework this weekend and do some practice of the concepts mentioned above!

Finish Practica 2 Speaking grade today — opinion and agreement phrases about assertions given. Review your vocabulary for the quiz tomorrow — meaning, spelling, and definitions. Review of the homework — vocabulary and gerunds used with andar, seguir, continuar, ir, venir, and llevar.

Also, in the grammar workbook, p 5, acts. Know when to use the present subjunctive…and use the present subjunctive correctly in at least one of your opinions. Turn in your packets all pages again. Practice of lead-ins to give your opinion and to agree or disagree.

Ch14 sample questions

Go over graded work and questions. Vocabulary activities and practice of gerunds two sided sheet to complete. La semana del 22 — 26 de enero viernes: Vocabulary review with the quizlet link below and practice with forming the present subjunctive at conjuguemos. Descubre 3 vocabulario Assigned: Also, practice the new chapt 3 vocabulary and the current definitions that you have.

New vocabulary list over chapter 3 terms. We also defined a millennial as well as looked at the current news over how much money 1 in 6 has been able to save because of living at home. Also, fill in the Spanish words on the vocabulary list over chapter 3.

Use your online vText or the picture of the vocabulary page you took in class today. Review and add adjectives that change meaning between use with ser or estar. In groups, take the assigned section of the homework and transfer your answers to the enlarged homework section assigned to offers study resources for CBSE, IIT JEE Mains and Advance, NEET and State Boards students which includes NCERT Solutions, RD Sharma Solutions, video lectures, notes, tests, textbook solutions, CBSE sample papers, solved past year papers, Formulas, Extra Questions, expert help on academic queries and many more.

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