Chemistry lab notebook

Use a duplicate page notebook if possible to record your lab work. Duplicate pages or Xerox copies will be turned in for grading; do not tear other pages out! Record all of your observations in your notebook as you do the experiment; notes on loose pieces of paper may be thrown away.

Chemistry lab notebook

It is just one of many natural molecules that fall in the simple sugar class fructose, galactose, ribose are others ; these vary by the number of carbons and hydroxyls and by the spatial arrangement of the —OH groups around the carbons.

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Due to the multiple hydroxyl groups, monosaccharides are highly soluble in water. In this laboratory, you and your partner will design a research plan to investigate the glucose levels in a system of your choosing.

The plan obviously needs some discussion and some preliminary research of the literature i. The experiment cannot include the use of animals nor the use of human body fluids. The lab instructor will work with you to determine the feasibility of the project.

Chemistry lab notebook

Analysis of Glucose A spectroscopic procedure will be made available to you to determine the glucose levels in your samples. Like all simple sugars, glucose does not absorb light in the visible range.

We will therefore need to use a combination of reagents to generate colors that are proportional to the amount of glucose in solution. Here, the mixture of reagents includes phenol, aminoantipyrine, glucose oxidase GOand horseradish peroxidase HRP ; these oxidize glucose while simultaneously producing a rose-colored product that absorbs light at nm.

The important aspect of this procedure is that the absorbance produced at nm in this reaction is proportional to the amount of glucose you add to the reagent mixture.

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The instructions on how to perform the analysis is at the end of this write-up. In olden days, chemistry was mostly done using sight and smell as the analytical tools.

Late in the s, the colorimeter was invented by …. The unit used sunlight as the light source and colored filters to select a particular light type.

In the s, Arnold Beckman and his associates in what was later to become the Beckman Instrument Co. Procedure for Determination of Glucose The following procedure is appropriate for glucose concentrations in the 0 — 2.

Since the intensity of color that a given amount of glucose will generate by this procedure is unknown, you will need to prepare some glucose standards and run them in the procedure to generate a [glucose] vs Absorbance standard relationship.

It should be linear. These samples should be spread out fairly evenly throughout the range and should include a 0. A typical standard relationship is typically generated with four or five samples throughout this range.

Chemistry Page 2 - Labguru ELN is a secure, web-based platform to record and manage your laboratory data in one place. The electronic laboratory notebook helps you to monitor research progress and to increase its output.

To perform the procedure, set the spectrophotometer to nm. In the cuvette sample holder add 1.

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Using a piece of Parafilm, flip the cuvette quickly to mix, put it immediately into the spectrophotometer, and start monitoring the rise in absorbance.

Measure the absorbance change over a two-minute period. It is the rate of absorbance change at nm that should be proportional to glucose concentration. You will need to prepare an Excel graph that shows the relationship of absorbance increase to the glucose concentration.

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Let Excel determine the slope of the line and the correlation coefficient R2 of the fit. Before leaving the laboratory, look at your data closely. If a point on your relationship seems off, you may want to re-run that standard. You should run your samples in the same way as you ran the standards, i.AP Chemistry.

On-Line for the School Year. Teacher: Peter Moskaluk. Email: [email protected] Textbook Required: Chemistry, 10th edition by Raymond Chang, ISBN: (A free digital copy is available on the Internet Archive website. Used hard copies can be purchased at for under .

As a current student on this bumpy collegiate pathway, I stumbled upon Course Hero, where I can find study resources for nearly all my courses, get online help from tutors 24/7, and even share my old projects, papers, and lecture notes with other students. CHEM and – Organic Chemistry Lab I and II GUIDELINES FOR WRITING LAB REPORTS INTRODUCTION Remember: your lab notebook is the first line of documentation that exists of your experiments.

It is important that this information be as fresh and accurate as possible. Don’t worry if . MAINTAINING A LAB NOTEBOOK. One of the purposes of a lab notebook is to allow other people to gain a clear picture of your work.

Any researcher with a basic knowledge of common laboratory techniques should be able to reproduce your. Using a laboratory notebook in high school chemistry Herb Deruyter up lab reports to make your teacher happy!” As a chemistry notebook, I am your friend, so keep me neat and simple, right up to the end.

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