Evaluating location alternative

Learn how to look at some of the ways you might structure an evaluation and how to choose the way that best meets your needs. What do we mean by a design for the evaluation? Why should you choose a design for your evaluation? When should you do so?

Evaluating location alternative

Refer to 23 CFRSection Action - Any highway construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, repair, or improvement undertaken with federal or Federal-aid highway funds or FHWA approval.

Backwater - The rise in water surface elevation due to encroachment. Base Flood Plain - The area subject to flooding by the base flood. Design Flood - The peak discharge, volume if appropriate, stage or wave crest elevation of the flood associated with the probability of exceedance selected for the design of a highway encroachment.

In other words, the project will not be inundated at the design flood frequency. Designated Floodway - A floodway designated by a state or local agency. California State Reclamation Board Board definition: A designated floodway means either: Encroachment - FEMA definition: Construction, placement of fill, or similar alteration of topography in the floodplain that reduces the area available to convey floodwaters.

An action within the limits of the base floodplain. Flood Frequency - The statistical number of years that takes place before the recurrence of a flood of the same magnitude.

Floodplain - Any land area subject to inundation by floodwaters from any source. Floodplain Evaluation Report - A technical report which evaluates effects of the floodplain encroachment concerning the 6 key items identified in 23 CFR This report is required in situations where it is uncertain or clear that a project may involve a significant encroachment.

Floodplain Values - Fish, wildlife, plants, open space, natural beauty, scientific study, outdoor recreation, agriculture, aqua culture, forestry, natural moderation of floods, water quality maintenance, groundwater discharge, etc.

Floodproof - To design and construct a project to keep floodwaters out or to reduce the effects of floodwaters. Floodway - The channel of a river or other watercourse, plus any adjacent floodplain areas, which is designated a floodway by a public agency, that must be kept free of encroachment so that the year flood discharge can be conveyed without cumulatively increasing the water-surface elevation more than one foot above the BFE.

Since the one-foot is already accounted for, no increase of any amount in the BFE is allowed in the floodway. Floodway fringe - The portion of the year floodplain that is not within the floodway and in which development and other forms of encroachment may be permitted under certain circumstances.

Location Hydraulic Study same as Figure Establishing Evaluation Criteria [Reference: FAR ] Overview This section discusses the development of evaluation criteria for use in best value, competitive source selection.

Background The purpose of the proposal evaluation process is to provide a mechanism to determine which. Cite this Record.

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Evaluating location alternatives by comparing their composite (weighted-average) scores involves: a) (actor-rating analysis. b) cost-volume analysis.

c) transportation model analysis. d) linear regression analysis. e) crossover analysis.

Evaluating location alternative

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