Goto lugaw business plan

How about the menu, can we add on your existing line of products?

Goto lugaw business plan

Barbeque Stand Estimated Capital Need: P7, Just about everyone enjoys a delectable and savory stick of pork barbeque during the midday grind or a lazy afternoon. You can also offer sauces and vinegar dips that would make customers crave your product.

Squid Cart Estimated Capital Need: The key to this business is serving well-cooked and clean. Also, a cart over a push cart is the better and more hygienic choice. Likewise, make sure that sauces and their containers are well-kept and fresh to prevent bacteria from contaminating your product.

Do this right to pin your way to your small business success! Lugawan Estimated Capital Need: Every community has that go-to lugawan that serves steaming, tasty lugaw as early as four in the morning. Halo-halo Stand Estimated Capital Need: P to P1, Perhaps the most popular Pinoy summer business, a halo-halo stand can easily be put up by a driveway or front yard.

Make your own ingredients like sweetened banana, jackfruit, garbanzos, and beans preserves to reduce your costs and give your product a one-of-a-kind taste that can keep customers coming back.

goto lugaw business plan

Try selling other afternoon heat-busters too like mais or saba con hielo. P2, to P5, Ice cream is a timeless treat served on most occasions or ordinary days. Become an ice cream retailer.

Franchise Fee

Ice cream companies offer a startup business to individuals with a startup capital for as low as P2, While some companies require the retailer to have a store, others support those who wish to sell at home.

Freezer rental can be free or with a refundable deposit. Siomai Stall Estimated Capital Need: Despite the competition, a siomai stall will be profitable as long as you cook deliciously.

Make it good to stand out among the rest. Remember, in the food business, taste is king! Image Source These are only a few of the many business start-ups you can venture in the Philippines.

Remember, any business is sustainable and profitable as long as you learn and apply the needed management skills. With the entrepreneurial smarts and right capital, anyone can be a good business owner.

In need of capital? Safely pawn your pre-loved gadgets and other items at PawnHero —the first online pawnshop in the Philippines to kick start your business!

PawnHero accepts a wide range of itemsfrom the usual jewelry pieces and gadgets to musical instruments and old appliances. The following two tabs change content below.Boasting of experiencing a fast return of investment, they relate their business to a famous Filipino figure of speech which is "Tubong Lugaw".

Their lugaw products in their menu include the Plain Lugaw, Mixed Lugaw, Goto Espesyal, Egg Caldo, LTB (Lugaw, Tokwa at Baboy) and Arroz Caldo. Apr 28,  · lugaw business plan Lugaw Queen featured in Swak na Swak rico celada 85, views. GOTO (ox tripe congee) - Duration: PINAY COOKING LESSONS , views.

Franchise Inclusions

May 02,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Beverly and Sherwin Aquino literally shed blood, sweat, and tears to build Lugaw Queen. When they first set up shop in in San Pablo City, Laguna, they ran the business practically on their own. But Aquino had a plan and a secret recipe that she and her mother came up with.

"Umisip kami ng mga sangkap na ihahalo namin sa lugaw. Kasi bago ka magpalaki ng business, kailangan mayroon kang secret na sangkap," explained Aquino. And from then on, after serving their first bowl of lugaw for P10, Lugaw Queen never looked back.

Lugaw Queen was first started as a small take-out counter in San Pablo City on November of offering just plain lugaw.

It was owned and managed by Sherwin and Beverly Aquino. With only P1, starting capital, the couple took all the risk to put up a business which they can call their own.

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