Netw410 network design lab scenario

Please use the template starting on Page 2 and submit it to the Week 6 iLab Dropbox by the due date. Have fun while learning.

Netw410 network design lab scenario

Topology Diagram Learning Objectives Upon completion of this lab, you will be able to: Create an efficient VLSM design given the requirements. Assign appropriate addresses to interfaces and document the addresses.

Cable a network according to the Topology Diagram. Erase the startup configuration and reload a router to the default state. Configure routers including RIP version 2.

Configure and propagate a static default route.

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Verify RIP version 2 operation. Test and verify full connectivity.

Netw410 network design lab scenario

Reflect upon and document the network implementation. Scenario In this lab activity, you will be given a network address that must be subnetted using VLSM to complete the addressing of the network shown in the Topology Diagram. A combination of RIP version 2 and static routing will be required so that hosts on networks that are not directly connected will be able to communicate with each other.

Subnet the Address Space. Examine the network requirements. The addressing for the network has the following requirements: Remember that the interfaces of network devices are also host IP addresses and are included in the above addressing requirements.

Consider the following questions when creating your network design: How many subnets need to be created from the This document is Cisco Public Information. Assign subnetwork addresses to the Topology Diagram.

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Assign subnet 0 of the What is the network address of this subnet? Assign subnet 1 of the Assign subnet 2 of the Assign subnet 3 of the Assign subnet 4 of the Assign appropriate addresses to the device interfaces.

Assign the first valid host address in the Assign the last valid host address in Assign the last valid host address in the Page 4 of 8 Step 2: Document the addresses to be used in the table provided under the Topology Diagram.

Cable a network that is similar to the one in the Topology Diagram. You can use any current router in your lab as long as it has the required interfaces as shown in the topology.

If you use, or routers, the router outputs and interface descriptions will appear different. Clear any existing configurations on the routers.

Perform Basic Router Configurations. Configure the router hostname. Configure an EXEC mode password.

Netw410 network design lab scenario

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Level Requirements NETW Week 4 Lab Report To complete the Week 4 Lab Report, answer the questions below concerning the Network Design Lab Scenario linked from Step 2 of the iLab page. Please use the template starting on Page 2 and submit it to the Week 4 iLab Dropbox by the due date.

Have fun while learning. NETW Network Design Lab Scenario The following description of a network will be used for a series of network design problems. Description of the Organization The organization in question is a community college with a single multi-building campus.

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