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Skema was responsible for supplying a set of Power Motor Control Centers for the three power plants. It was the second deepest water depth fixed platform project in the world. During its lifetime, it is estimated that the Miskar field will produce more than billion cubic feet of gas. Skema supplied a complete Local Equipment Room.

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It maintains a list of the tallest completed buildings in the world. Inas a response to the dispute as to whether the Petronas Towers or the Sears Tower was taller, [4] the council listed and ranked buildings in four categories: Spires are considered integral parts of the architectural design of buildings, to which changes would substantially change the appearance and design of the building, whereas antennas may be added or removed without such consequences.

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The Petronas Towers, with their spires, are thus ranked higher than the Willis Tower formerly the Sears Tower with its antennas, despite the Petronas Towers' lower roofs and lower highest point. Untilthe world's tallest building was defined by the height to the top of the tallest architectural element, including spires but not antennae.

Objective petronas

The Bank of Manhattan Building employed only a short spire and was In contrast, the Chrysler Building employed a very large Six of the last seven buildings to have held the record as ' tallest building ' are still found in the list, with the exception being the North Tower of the original World Trade Center after its destruction in the September 11 attacks of If the twin towers were still standing today they would occupy numbers 24 and 25 on the list or 23 and 24 since it can be assumed the rebuilt One World Trade Center would have never been built.Petronas Twin Towers: Petronas Twin Towers, pair of skyscraper office buildings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that are among the world’s tallest buildings.

The Twin Towers, built to house the headquarters of Petronas, the national petroleum company of Malaysia, were designed by .

Malaysia's Petronas has taken a major step in a campaign to jack up its overseas income. The state owned company agreed to pay $ million for a 30% controlling interest in South African group.

Objective petronas

Polyvinylidene fluoride or polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) is a highly non-reactive thermoplastic fluoropolymer produced by the polymerization of vinylidene difluoride.. PVDF is a specialty plastic used in applications requiring the highest purity, as well as resistance to solvents, acids and bases.

The objective is to set the recommended standard for good technical practice to be applied by PETRONAS' OPUs in oil and gas production facilities, refineries, gas processing plants, chemical plants, marketing facilities or any other such facility, and thereby to achieve maximum technical.

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A sensible definition of shallow foundation can be used foundation depth less than breadth depth less than 3 meters.

How to Differentiate Shallow Foundation to Deep Foundation?