Peace love happines

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Peace love happines


Advice for Women in Love with a Priest Advice for Women in Love with a Priest Here is my advice to any woman who has a close relationship with a priest Peace love happines will forever remain theologically bound to the priesthood. It can be said in as few words as a poem I wrote using a set of word magnets on Peace love happines refrigerator.

It altered my "advice" or perspective slightly from what it may have been had I had more word choices available. Or, the advice can be spelled out completely as I do in this post which is based upon the poem above.

The title simply indicates that loving someone who is married to an ideology will ultimately bring nothing but pain. It is a "death drive" in a literal and personal sense for myself, but universally it means the cycle of euphoria, guilt, chastisement, withdrawal from the situation, addiction to it, and back to euphoria.

Each cycle becoming more intense and more destructive. The woman may hope that the priest is in a discernment period during these cycles—and he may well be.

Peace love happines

Many priests have left the priesthood to become husbands and true fathers, men of faith and family. But, it is typically up to the woman to introduce the subject because the priest has too much to lose if he initiates the conversation and the woman rejects him.

He usually will not take that chance. In this day and age, most priests do not have the theology or confidence to leave and will choose the priesthood over marriage. But it's the only choice that can eventually be made, and take it from one who has been there and done that, the woman is better off breaking contact as soon as possible once she has received his unequivocal "no" response.

Peace love happines

Due to the extreme difficulty for both to part so suddenly, there is usually some lingering and false hope—for her, that he will see the light and reject celibacy, and for him, that she will continue to be his proxy girlfriend while he remains in his priestly vocation.

If a woman feels her vocation is marriage, then this would require him to forsake his vocation so that she can gain hers, or, she would have to give up her vocation for him to keep his.

Hence, the added emphasis of "run" and "leave. Otherwise you're in for a world of pain, or rather, additional pain, since you're already emotionally damaged for the short term, and possibly for the long term. Dealing with Rejection Next, comes acceptance. The woman will want to make excuses for him and will probably always love him.

But never forget that "yes he did use you. And, intentionally or not, he did this by manipulating, lying, and robbing a woman of her self-worth, manipulating her into believing there was the possibility of a true relationship, and finally, lying—to her, to himself, and to anyone he talks to—by saying that she never meant a thing to him.

Catholicism feeds him this worldview. So he is not only manipulating the woman, lying to her and robbing her of her self worth—he is doing these very same things to himself. Fear of his reputation, his job, his reliance on the Catholic church for his livelihood.

He masks this with anger, lashes out at the woman frantically, proving his weakness under the shadows of celibacy by trying to exert a false power. Again, the woman must accept that this is the case, and go through the grieving process. I mean, facing the truth, and eventually understanding why this is his initial reaction.

Justification Later, the priest may apologize, and even believe that he is sorry. But what he is sorry for is his harsh reaction, not any of his other actions.

(pseud. Evelyn Douglas)

Mark my words, the priest will justify the relationship in his mind no matter how far it went. I blamed, in this order: X, and 3 the Catholic Church.

I could only control my own actions, so I blamed myself the most. Next I blamed Fr. X for his schoolboy mentality and the way he handled and justified everything between us. Forgiveness Damage has occurred that mere words of apology and forgiveness cannot undo. In truth, it is the other way around: The woman has just suffered intense emotional and spiritual damage—to add the pressure of forgiveness on top of that might be too much to bear, resulting in even more unnecessary guilt.This famous perfume was made by Andre Fraysse for Lavine home in The name was chosen by the daughter of the perfumer.

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How to Find Love, Peace and Happiness: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

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The peace, love, and happiness celebrated in counter-cultural songs and bumper-stickers may rest upon European and American military, economic, and social power.

Nonetheless, many advocates of the peace-love-happiness trinity are critical of police power, military force, and obedience and conformity.

Sep 25,  · In order to find love, peace, and happiness you need to focus both on finding inner peace and love, as well as promoting goodness and peace in the world.

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