Should the media be completely free

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Should the media be completely free

Then we learned of the pictographs, ideographs, and logograms of the Chinese alphabet, or of Ancient Egyptian or Mayan, or of other non-phonemic orthographies, and we were forced to revise earlier assumptions.

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But the linguistic code, it seems, may have been cracked—by an undergraduate freshman economics major at Harvard named Manny Medrano. As Atlas Obscura reported last yearMedrano, working under his professor of Pre-Columbian studies, Gary Urtonspent his spring break matching a set of six khipu against a colonial-era Spanish census document.

He was able to confirm what scholars had long assumed, that khipu kept track of census and other administrative data. This research shows how khipu can tell stories as well as record data sets. Medrano built upon decades of work done by Urton and other scholars, which Cossins summarizes in more detail.

Other ethnographers like St. Hyland chanced upon a woman in Lima who pointed her to khipus in the village of San Juan de Collata. That is within the range of symbols typically found in syllabic writing systems. Nevertheless, these findings should make us wonder what other artifacts from around the world preserve a language Western scholars have never learned how to read.

Attempts to decipher khipus use all sorts of comparative methods, from comparing them with each other to comparing them with contemporary Spanish documents. If so, see the series of six videos above by Harvard Ph.Looking for educational resources on topics such as racism, media literacy, gender identity and cultural studies?

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Should the media be completely free

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Then the Internet or other media would be a place for people who criticize people that they don't like. So, we can say that the governments should have control over the media.

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