Skinwalkers by tony hillerman

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Skinwalkers by tony hillerman

Plot summary[ edit ] Jim Chee wakes from restless sleep about 2: When Chee is out of bed, three shotgun blasts come through the trailer wall over his bed, tearing apart his mattress instead of him.

Skinwalkers by tony hillerman

In daylight, he finds where a vehicle leaking oil had parked in the night and the footprints of a small person. This is added to the list of unsolved homicides facing Lt. Leaphorn asks that Chee be assigned full-time to aid him in solving the three homicides of Irma Onesalt, Dugai Endocheeney, and Wilson Sam, and to find who shot Chee.

The first connection among these homicides comes when they learn that Endocheeney received a letter from the office where Irma Onesalt worked. Then Leaphorn learns of the list of people for whom she sought death dates, though some on the list were alive when she was posing her question.

Leaphorn and Chee learn to communicate effectively with each other, as they pursue the investigation. Chee sleeps away from his trailer bed, fearing a repeat attack until the culprit is found. The next link among the cases is small bone beads, made from a long dead bovine.

No one is home, but there is evidence of someone recently dragged out of the hogan. As they follow tracks outdoors, someone shoots Leaphorn in his right arm. They do not catch the shooter. Chee gets two letters. One is from Mary Landon saying she will not return to the reservation.

The other is from a client for a Blessing Way ceremony, a pleasing prospect. The belief or superstition of skinwalkers involves the skinwalker somewhat magically blowing a bit of bone into a victim, who will die unless the skinwalker is killed. She did not call the public defender for her father.

Janet Pete says Mr. Curtis Atcitty called her, but Bistie told her he knew no such man. Pete thinks this Atcitty used her to get Bistie out of jail both before he might talk to the police and so he could be killed.

Another client, Irma Onesalt, was shot ten days after she approached Pete for help on her list. Leaphorn learns from Shorty McGinnis that Wilson Sam had received a letter from Irma Onesalt about two months earlier, making enough links among the victims for Leaphorn.

He brings Emma to the hospital for tests. Billie at the desk. Largo knows where Chee is; Leaphorn pursues him after learning that it is an empty home where the meeting is set up. Chee realizes too late that he has been set up.

A young mother shoots him in the back with her automatic shot gun as he runs. With the door of the hogan between them, she tells him he is a skinwalker who marked her baby for death.Find great deals on eBay for skinwalkers's Largest Selection · Huge Savings · >80% Items Are New · We Have EverythingTypes: Fashion, Home & Garden, Electronics, Motors, Collectibles & Arts, Toys & Hobbies.

"Skinwalkers" is the 7th novel in Tony Hillerman's "Leaphorn & Chee" series. It's also the first book featuring both Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee at the same time. Surprisingly, I didn't like it as much as I thought I would.4/5. "Skinwalkers" is the 7th novel in Tony Hillerman's "Leaphorn & Chee" series.

It's also the first book featuring both Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee at the same time. Surprisingly, I 4/5.

Skinwalkers by tony hillerman

From New York Times bestselling author Tony Hillerman comes the seventh novel featuring Leaphorn and Chee—a riveting tale of sorcery, secrets, and murder. “Hillerman is unique, and Skinwalkers is one of his best works yet. /5(). Skinwalkers (Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee Series #7) by Tony Hillerman Three shotgun blasts rip through the side of Officer Jim Chee’s trailer as the Navajo Tribal Policeman sleeps.

He survives, but the inexplicable attack has raised disturbing questions about a lawman once beyond reproach/5(14). Nov 24,  · Within minutes of the opening scenes of "Skinwalkers", I no longer dwelt upon the thought that a murder movie on an Indian Reservation is an unusual setting and, instead, focused on the murder mystery itself/10(). Skinwalkers (): Tony Hillerman: Books