Sociology 12 mark paper

The Discipline and the Public".

Sociology 12 mark paper

History[ edit ] One of the earliest writers to describe the nature of the ties between people was German scientist and philosopher, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. In his classic novella, Elective Affinities Sociology 12 mark paper, Goethe discussed the "marriage tie". The analogy shows how strong marriage unions are similar in character to particles of quicksilverwhich find unity through the process of chemical affinity.

Inthe Russian mathematical psychologist Anatol Rapoport commented on the "well-known fact that the likely contacts of two individuals who are closely acquainted tend to be more overlapping than those of two arbitrarily selected individuals".

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This argument became one of the cornerstones of social network theory. This paper is now recognized as one of the most influential sociology papers ever written. Granovetter found that most jobs were found through "weak" acquaintances. This pattern reminded Granovetter of his freshman chemistry lesson that demonstrated how "weak" hydrogen bonds hold huge water molecules together, which are themselves held together by "strong" covalent bonds.

In Granovetter's view, a similar combination of strong and weak bonds holds the members of society together. He submitted his paper to the American Sociological Review inbut it was rejected. Nevertheless, inGranovetter submitted a shortened version to the American Journal of Sociologyand it was finally published in May According to Current Contents, bythe Weak Ties paper had become a citation classic, being one of the most cited papers in sociology.

In a related line of research inanthropologist Bruce Kapfererpublished "Norms and the Manipulation of Relationships in a Work Context" after doing field work in Africa.

Sociology 12 mark paper

In the document, he postulated the existence of multiplex ties, characterized by multiple contexts in a relationship. In social relations, by extrapolation, "multiplexity" is the overlap of roles, exchanges, or affiliations in a social relationship.

Channels of Mobility Information in a Suburban Community". The thesis of his dissertation illustrated the conception of weak ties. For his research, Dr. Granovetter crossed the Charles River to Newton, Massachusetts where he surveyed professional, technical, and managerial workers in total.

Tie strength was measured in terms of how often they saw the contact person during the period of the job transition, using the following assignment: The conclusion from this study is that weak ties are an important resource in occupational mobility. When seen from a macro point of view, weak ties play a role in affecting social cohesion.

Social networks[ edit ] In social network theorysocial relationships are viewed in terms of nodes and ties. Nodes are the individual actors within the networks, and ties are the relationships between the actors.SPECIMEN MATERIAL GCSE SOCIOLOGY Paper 2 The Sociology of Crime and Deviance and Social Stratification.

AQA A-Level Sociology: Topics in Sociology Exam: Advice for answer the families and households section Paper 2 is a 2 hour paper, out of a total of 80 marks.

You get a booklet of questions, split into two sections (A Continue reading →. 11th Model Question Paper All State Board (Subject Wise) 11th Question Papers PDF available here.

Those who prepare for exam must do practice from it. In mathematical sociology, interpersonal ties are defined as information-carrying connections between people. Interpersonal ties, generally, come in three varieties: strong, weak or social ties, it is argued, are responsible for the majority of the embeddedness and structure of social networks in society as well as the transmission of information through these networks.

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