The importance and reasons why teenagers should get their drivers license

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The importance and reasons why teenagers should get their drivers license

Driving and Teens No. Parents no longer have to do the driving - the teen can get places on his or her own. Most teens count the hours and days until they can get their learners permit usually age 16 and take their driving test to demonstrate driving competence.

Some teens, however, may be pushed to drive by peer or parental pressures before they feel ready. According to the American Automobile Association AAAteenage drivers are four times more likely to be involved in a car crash than adult drivers.

Traffic crashes are the 1 cause of death and injury for people ageswith more than 5, teens dying in motor vehicle collisions each year. Problems which contribute to the high crash rate of young drivers include: These classes are often sponsored by schools. Private driving instruction is another alternative.

A Partnership for Survival". One teenager has even developed a website specifically for teens learning to drive Teen New Driver Homepage - www. Parents are in a unique position to show their children proper driving skills and to teach proper driving choices.

Additional driving experience generally makes the teen a safer driver and eases the transition to driving independently. However, not all parents have the temperament to teach driving.

If you find yourself yelling, making sarcastic remarks, or being upsetting to your teen, consider asking your spouse, another relative, or friend to help out.

The importance and reasons why teenagers should get their drivers license

It is helpful to demonstrate the importance of controlling emotions while driving e. Teach your teen about the importance of defensive driving.

Inexperienced drivers often concentrate on driving correctly and fail to anticipate the actions and mistakes or errors of other drivers.

Consider making sure that the vehicle your teen drives is in safe condition brakes, tires, etc. The vehicle should have essential emergency equipment flares, flashlight, jumper cables, etc.

A cell phone is helpful for emergencies but parents must stress that it can be a dangerous distraction if it is used while driving. Concern about the number of young people killed or injured in traffic crashes has prompted state legislation to reform the way teenagers are licensed to drive. Rules for New Drivers Rules for parents to consider when teens begin driving independently include: Parents should not allow young drivers unrestricted driving privileges until they have gained sufficient experience.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal and dangerous and should be strictly prohibited. Parents should work out when and where the teen is allowed to drive the car e.

The importance and reasons why teenagers should get their drivers license

Everyone in the car must wear seat belts at all times. Parents should determine whether and when their teen can drive passengers.

Teens should not drive when fatigued or tired. Headphones should never be worn while driving. Teens should not text or talk on the phone while driving.

Helmets must be worn when riding a motorcycle. Teens should be encouraged to take an annual defensive driving course after obtaining their license. Supervised behind-the-wheel driving experience is the key to developing necessary habits and skills for safe driving.

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Records even suggests that the Philippines was the most developed country in. I wanted people to see the importance of teenage responsibility. And I know a lot of 16 year olds are wanting to get a drivers license already so they can get out of the house and enjoy their few.

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