Turkeys on strike writing a book

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Turkeys on strike writing a book

A turkey proposes a new law that would change a Thanksgiving tradition. Present day, a few weeks before Thanksgiving. The activity includes suggestions for costumes, makeup, and staging the play.

This resource provides step-by-step explanations of the law-making process. Optional long table or several desks placed next to each other in row; chairs; a gavel or something to represent a gavel, such as a toy hammer, for Senator 1; toy microphones or student-drawn paper microphones for Reporters and Television Reporter; store-bought or student-drawn feathers for Trevor, Tonya, and Teddy Turkey.

Why did Trevor Turkey want to change the way Thanksgiving is celebrated? What did Trevor do to try to change a Thanksgiving tradition? What reasons did Trevor give to make his point known to the lawmakers?

Why do you think the senators voted the way they did? Suppose you were one of the senators on the panel. How would you have voted? What do you think happened next?

Write another scene for the play. Explain the meaning of the term "point of view. Print and distribute a copy of the writing activity to each group. When completed, invite groups to read their stories to the class.

turkeys on strike writing a book

The Education World Holiday Center: Thanksgiving page contains a feast of activities, site reviews, and book suggestions related to Thanksgiving.

Click here for a printable script.Hide Tom Turkey is a fun homework assignment!

First Graderat Last!: How to Catch a Plump and Perky Turkey

Students are given a cut-out turkey to disguise from the Thanksgiving dinner table. Students can use scraps of material, buttons, paper, ribbon, etc. to dress the turkey in a costume.

teams and get each team to come up with a name - write the team names on the board. you hide your turkey decoration (e.g. under a book, behind a bag, etc.).

turkeys on strike writing a book

Then tell the "The Thanksgiving Turkey" from our website. As you go through each page, point to the pictures and elicit what is. [Book Breaks] [more Artie Knapp stories] [The Turkey and the Pumpkin index] DLTK's Book Breaks The Turkey and the Pumpkin Story Sequencing Cards.

Story by: Artie Knapp. Read the story. What is Story Sequencing? Arrange a series of picture cards into the logical order to . Turkeys in the past have been decorated with; crayons, macaroni, craft feathers, tissue paper, wallpaper scraps, dried beans, rice, paper clothes, ribbons, fabric, etc.

In addition to disguising the turkey students must also complete a writing part to convince the. Turkey with Sign. Use the shapes for writing poems, word lists, vocabulary words, student's reports, bulletin boards, notepads, stationery, shape books, cards, decorations, etc.

Use the "Print" button below to print the page. The shape will be resized to the paper. Nov 10,  · After writing a whole-class story about a turkey, the students wrote about turkeys on the first page of their Thanksgiving book. The second day, I read “The First Thanksgiving” by Linda Hayward.

Our reading focus was sequencing; therefore, we .

ISBN - The Turkeys Go on Strike : A Musical Play for Kids Direct Textbook