What really sets you from fool

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What really sets you from fool

It was this probably that, more than anything else, led to the feeling of wonder expressed in Matthew 7: The scribe in his teaching invariably referred to this Rabbi and that; the new Teacher spoke as one having a higher authority of His own.

They may have been inserted to soften down the apparent harshness of What really sets you from fool teaching; but if so, it must have been at an early date--before the fourth century.

They may, on the other hand, have been in the text originally, and struck out, as giving too wide a margin to vain and vague excuses. Ethically, the teaching is not that the emotion of anger, with or without a cause, stands on the same level of guilt with murder, but that the former so soon expands and explodes into the latter, that it will be brought to trial and sentenced according to the merits of each case, the occasion of the anger, the degree in which it has been checked or cherished, and the like.

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As no earthly tribunal can take cognisance of emotions as such, the "judgment" here is clearly that of the Unseen Judge dealing with offences which in His eyes are of the same character as those which come before the human judges. The temper condemned is that in which anger has so far gained the mastery that we no longer recognise a "brother" in the man who has offended us, but look on him with malignant scorn.

That word, though it looks like Hebrew, is really only a transliterated form of the Greek word for council. The court consisted of seventy or seventy-two members, with a president and vice-president, and was made up of the heads of the twenty-four courses of the priests, with forty-six or forty-eight how chosen it is not known from the "elders" and "scribes.

We cannot truly "fear God" unless we also "honour all men" 1Peter 2: The reverence for humanity as such must extend even to the man who has most provoked us. In the unseen eternal world the want of that reverence has its own appropriate punishment.

There is no evidence, however, that the word was thus used, and it is more probable that the Greek is a translation of some word which, like the "fool" of the Old Testament, implied, as in Psalm With that meaning it embodied the temper, not, like that represented by raca, of petulant contempt, but of fixed and settled hatred.

That it was the temper and not the utterance of the mere syllables which our Lord condemned is seen in that He Himself used the word of the scribes and Pharisees Matthew Paul of the sceptical Greek materialist 1Corinthians The self-same word might spring from a righteous indignation or from malignant hatred.

Great confusion has arisen here and elsewhere from the use of the same English word for two Greek words of very different meanings: The history of the word is worth studying. Originally, it was the Greek form of Ge-hinnom the Valley of Hinnom, sometimes of the "son" or the "children" of Hinnomand was applied to a narrow gorge on the south of Jerusalem Joshua There Solomon erected a high place for Molech 1Kings There the fires of that god had received their bloody offerings of infant sacrifice under Ahaz and Manasseh 2Kings Josiah, in his great work of reformation, defiled it, probably by casting the bones of the dead and other filth upon it 2Kings The thought first appears in the Targum or Paraphrase of Isaiah It is often said that fires which were kept burning to consume the solid refuse added to the horror of the scene; but of this, though it is suggested by this passage and Mark 9: Here the analogy of the previous clauses suggests also the thought that the bodies of great criminals were sometimes deprived of burial rites, and cast out into the Valley of Hinnom; but of this, too, there is no evidence, though it is in itself probable enough.

In any case, the meaning of the clause is obvious. Our passing words, expressing states of feeling, and not the overt act of murder only, are subject to the judgment of the Eternal Judge, and may bring us into a guilt and a penalty like that of the vilest criminals. Pulpit Commentary Verse Christ claims for his words the same authority, and more than the same authority, as for those spoken once by God.

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Christ brings his own Personality forward, and claims to give a more perfect and far-reaching statement of the sixth commandment than the current form of its teaching, notwithstanding the fact that this current form represented truly the original thought underlying its promulgation.

In the following words our Lord speaks of three grades of auger, and, as answering to them, of three grades of punishment. The former will be examined under the several terms employed.

Upon the latter it is necessary to make a few remarks here. They have been very variously understood.One Lucky Fool [Tom Pointer] on urbanagricultureinitiative.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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What really sets you from fool

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What really sets you from fool

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